ChordPro Buddy Development continues

You had to wait a very long time, but finally the development of ChordPro Buddy continues!
Why has it taken so long? - There were several reasons: both personal, as well as Apple's update policy.
As you know, Apple has released almost annually updates of its operating system lately. Unfortunately, there were always big changes in important APIs (application programming interfaces), which I use in my programs. I was incorporating Apple's changes in my existing programs and as soon as I had finished, there was a new one. Long story short, I was just not able to follow the situation. This is a free time project for me, money you cannot earn on the App Store anyway.
Recently my personal situation has changed for the better for me. So I have decided to continue development of ChordPro Buddy now.

I'll send in the next few days an invitation for a beta test to all my known users. Who doesn't receive an email and want to participate: just send an email to me.

The next version has the existing functionality with small improvements and will be compatible with the recent modern macOS versions. In later versions, I try then gradually add new features.