ChordPro Buddy 1.2.4 finally reached the App Store

  • After a gap of about 4 years today finally the new version 1.2.4 of ChordPro Buddy reached the App Store.
  • The main innovation besides the compatibility with the current macOS versions is the introduction of syntax highlighting in the editor. In addition, many errors and imperfections of the old version have been corrected.
  • Version 1.2.4 still has a few known issues and unfortunately also two crashes. An update has already been submitted and should be online shortly.

ChordPro Buddy beta test finished

  • Today I received the App Store approval for the ChordPro Buddy 1.2.4 version.
  • As soon as the updated manual and the website is ready I will release it to the App Store.

  • I’m planning to go on with the development of the next 1.2.5 beta soon after 1.2.4 is out.
    The next features on my list will be:

    • audio output of chord shapes
    • multiple columns
    • an improved chord shape editor
    • support for page break tags

    and later

    • multiple instruments
    • tunings

    new ChordPro Buddy beta version 1.2.3 (276) shipped to beta testers

    ChordPro Buddy changes since last App Store version 1.2.2:

    • fixed timecounter font is not displayed/loaded correctly
    • get rid of the many console log entries while starting CPB
    • add Feedback and Update check menu features for update, automatic update and beta test support for the beta version
    • add chord symbol icon to toolbar, to switch between chords symbol and chords chart mode
    • runs on macOS versions 10.10 Yosemite up to 10.12 Sierra
    • fixed chord popover crash
    • fixed bug with song file encoding
    • fixed bug in relaunch, when pathnames with spaces are used
    • fix transposing error with m7b5 chords
    • changed default setting of loadLastSongOnStart to YES
    • changed default ZoomValue to 1.0f
    • added asking alert before resetting Userdefaults to the factory defaults
    • fixed transposing, when chord name contains brackets ()
    • fixed chord chart display, when chord name contains brackets ()
    • added feature to import pdf, pages, txt, rtf, doc, docx, docm, wordml, odt, htm, html
    • added drag and drop support for file and web URL to Import Dialog
    • fix MIDI Handler now automatically scans for new devices
    • added Logging to Network, MIDI handler, Import handler
    • added hardware info, when a user sends log files
    • fixed chord chart position above lyrics was not exact
    • added support for bridge {sob} {start_of_bridge}{eob} {end_of_bridge}
    • currently uses italic chorus font and same insertion as chorus
    • added ChordPro Edit Menu to main menu
    • add support for separator lines - no more shown as chord chart [||:][C][F][C][Angry|] [|][C][F][C][|]
    • fixed Chords On Top of Page now shows chords below first title and/or subtitle tags
    • fixed chords charts display, when showed on top of song
    • new database model "ChordsModel 3"
    • fixed changing the default chord name in the chordchart popover
    • fixed MIDI behavior for new installations
    • temporary demo songs are now reset to default version, before opened new
    • added Support for Highlighting tags: {soh}{start_of_highlight} {eoh}{end_of_highlight}
    • marker color can be set in layoutpane
    • now color buttons in layout pane are hidden, if fullscreen has separate color setup, which is set in preferences
    • improvement: now import also recognizes lowercase chord names as minor chords -> a => Am
    • crash fix: marked areas at the end of the text is now correctly edited with "mark as" methods
    • space now also works in split mode as start stop key, when you activate the layout view (click on it first, before you hit space)
    • fixes a bug when user denies to overwrite songs,, he were not asked to overwrite layouts on new version install
    • fixes font panel setting in Layout for being able to use underlined and italic fonts
    • fixed bug with sending logfiles while no email adress is provided by user (anonymous mode)
    • added sys info and chords db info methods for better logging and customer help
    • fixed zooming issues, changed zoom icon image to buttons
    • fixed bug with commentSize and tabSize
    • fixed selection bug in editor view
    • fix after inserting text selection index is now set correctly
    • fix relaunch for preferences reset
    • fix importing from ASCII
    • fixed bugs with MIDIHandler not starting, when MIDI mode was changed in preferences
    • fix for restoring last view mode after starting the app
    • fixed printing issues, changed print dialog

    ChordPro Buddy Development continues

    You had to wait a very long time, but finally the development of ChordPro Buddy continues!
    Why has it taken so long? - There were several reasons: both personal, as well as Apple's update policy.
    As you know, Apple has released almost annually updates of its operating system lately. Unfortunately, there were always big changes in important APIs (application programming interfaces), which I use in my programs. I was incorporating Apple's changes in my existing programs and as soon as I had finished, there was a new one. Long story short, I was just not able to follow the situation. This is a free time project for me, money you cannot earn on the App Store anyway.
    Recently my personal situation has changed for the better for me. So I have decided to continue development of ChordPro Buddy now.

    I'll send in the next few days an invitation for a beta test to all my known users. Who doesn't receive an email and want to participate: just send an email to me.

    The next version has the existing functionality with small improvements and will be compatible with the recent modern macOS versions. In later versions, I try then gradually add new features.