New ChordPro Buddy Version 1.1.1 with Lion support is approved and available at the App Store

New features:
- Lion support for fullscreen mode
- new separate Layout for fullscreen mode (preference)
- Editor/Layout View can be splitted vertical (preference)
- new setting, where "#" comments are invisible, but "{c:}" comments are visible (preference)
- new chordpro item for layout background color and ability to switch between save per file or global use (preference)

- smoother autoscrolling with user interaction while scrolling in both directions
- value labels of sliders changed to input fields
- Add log description input field to "send log files" function in preferences + make clearer use 
- advanced timer input field and new stepper for increasing/decreasing seconds by mouse click

- Printing - center horizontal did not work
- transpositionLevel tag is not detected until cleanChordPro Button is pressed
- colons should be useable in Title or subtitle items
- Editor context menu for new title or subtitle inserts unnecessary whitespace
- toolbar buttons did not give you any indication when you have clicked on them
- print preview: top and bottom margins are reversed
- crashreporter was not working
- sliders did not changed values on scroll-wheel or trackpad move, if no mouse-button is clicked
- add log entry on CPB ending

New ChordPro Buddy Version 1.1.1 with Lion support is on its way

No. 10 in german music category ! - whats going on??? - Thank all of you for buying!

ChordPro Buddy V1.1.0 is out on the App Store

Today the new version is out and I already received some very good feedback from users.
A big Thank You to all my loyal beta testers - without you this release wouldn’t be as good as it is now!

New ChordPro Buddy Version 1.1 is on its way to the AppStore

The new version brings some interesting new features and many improvements:
- added new FullScreen Mode
- added transpose function - you can easy change the key of your songs
- added changeable margins on printing
- improved gui design with smaller sliders for smaller screens
- improved synchronized scrolling between editor and layout view
- improved playtime display
- added improved automatic scrolling with start/stop by space key and restart from current position
- new preference, to save global editor settings for font and background
- new preference: open last song on start
- added support for logging and log-file sending
- some smaller bugfixes

Call for BETA testers

If there are some heroes out there, who are willing to sacrifice themselves to get those Apps better than imaginable, l’m awaiting you with open arms!

Your benefit will be to be the one who will be the first who stands with wet feet in foreign water. But also the one who will receive all the fame and last, but not least receives my warmest sympathies. Winking

So come on - run into your next adventure and
contact me now!

New ChordPro Buddy Version: 1.0.2


- ChordPro Buddy didn’t start on OS-X with french, spain, romanian and russian language
- edit view hangs in some rare cases, when some fonts are not available

I received several mails from customers, that they like ChordPro Buddy and that they really enjoy its easy use.
That is really exciting and I have to say, that I’m very proud about that. But if you really like to help me, than
please give me some Stars on App Store or write a short customer review - this would make me really happy... Happy

First ChordPro Buddy Release: 1.0.1

Today I released the first version of ChordPro Buddy - yeah !

I hope you enjoy it 8-)