New ChordPro Buddy Version 1.1.1 with Lion support is approved and available at the App Store

New features:
- Lion support for fullscreen mode
- new separate Layout for fullscreen mode (preference)
- Editor/Layout View can be splitted vertical (preference)
- new setting, where "#" comments are invisible, but "{c:}" comments are visible (preference)
- new chordpro item for layout background color and ability to switch between save per file or global use (preference)

- smoother autoscrolling with user interaction while scrolling in both directions
- value labels of sliders changed to input fields
- Add log description input field to "send log files" function in preferences + make clearer use 
- advanced timer input field and new stepper for increasing/decreasing seconds by mouse click

- Printing - center horizontal did not work
- transpositionLevel tag is not detected until cleanChordPro Button is pressed
- colons should be useable in Title or subtitle items
- Editor context menu for new title or subtitle inserts unnecessary whitespace
- toolbar buttons did not give you any indication when you have clicked on them
- print preview: top and bottom margins are reversed
- crashreporter was not working
- sliders did not changed values on scroll-wheel or trackpad move, if no mouse-button is clicked
- add log entry on CPB ending